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Today’s Minute With Silence Dogood: Have The Right Conversation

Silence Dogood

4/5/21, 4:09 PM

Today’s Minute: “Know right now that we aren’t having the right conversations with the right people.”

In case you haven’t realized it yet, we lost. Lost bigtime, we did. Not just an election, but practically an entire nation’s culture. The culture component obviously started before the past election (a topic for another day) but November of 2020 solidified the transformation. And by culture, I don’t mean anything having to do with race. Race, the modern left has learned, is merely the most effective perpetual political weapon that, when deployed through today’s powerful MSM and social media, totally keeps their opponents boxed in (now that they’ve succeeded in shutting down Trump’s voice.) Friends and neighbors, it’s not about race at all-it’s about CONTROL. Top down, centrally planned, government-wide. That’s why this message is so timely and urgent. They are now in control. And as a result of the 2020 election, apparently feel more emboldened than ever…the democrats, the mob, big tech, “woke” corporations, et al. Great messaging from leftists over time intended to influence a large enough group of unsuspecting brains with keyboards, who have successfully managed to cancel out an entire social construct. No need to shut down conversations when they can’t even be started, right?

I wrote “in case you haven’t realized it yet” because there appear to be too many conservatives who have not yet figured out the gravity of what just happened. Or what worries me even more, that those who hold the highest offices in the land appear to be only too comfortable playing the part of “minority party complainant.” Case in point-I was listening to a talk radio segment the other day on The Wilkow Majority and Andrew was speaking with a guest, a republican house representative on the border crisis and his stance on illegal immigration as a whole. What struck me was that it was the same conversation in content and principle that I remember hearing on other radio shows-IN 2004! And 2007! And 2011! And 2015! Again, they were two like-minded conservatives complaining TO EACH OTHER about democrat policies. Only difference is that while we’ve been complaining to each other for over 17 years now, over 20 million illegals crossed into the US for good. Are you getting it yet? Back then, we were negotiating with the left in government between the 40 yard lines, five yards at a time. Well, now they’ve managed to move into our red zone, and we still think we’re defending at mid-field. Friends and neighbors, that is not the right conversation to be having amongst ourselves, hence the title of this message above. I mean, you know the left has us right where they want us when cable news channels bring Rand Paul on TV talking now about irresponsible government spending, just like he was doing in 2011…Same guy, same conversation with people who agree with him, but the country is now $20T more in debt! Okay, last one, lol. Ted Cruz complaining to a cable news host about how Biden’s executive orders are unconstitutional. Really? Like we didn’t watch him and others do the same thing in Obama’s term in the Whitehouse? Nothing changed, except a powerful collection of voices got canceled out, apparently while he was on vacation-oops.

So, these complaints are happening just as before, by the same people with the same people, and those who actually need to listen aren’t listening. Meanwhile, the democrats have figured out how never to lose a presidential election again, potentially. Yes, read that last line once more. It’s too late for the conversations I described above, folks. We lost too much last November, and then the subsequent whiff on the senate run-off’s. Either those on our side in power don’t want to face it, or they are part of the problem and don’t care, even though they want us to believe they do.

Continuing on this way is how you lose countries, and ultimately, personal freedom. Don’t believe me? Why do you think so many companies, organizations, politicians, etc., are willing to take such measures to bow to the mob and big tech at this moment and literally shut down dissenting speech? And they’re working at this moment to change at a fundamental level how elections are carried out in the US. We’re not having the right conversations with the right people, and need to get politically organized, like NOW.

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