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Barron Lee

4/5/21, 5:26 PM

You want to know who to do business with who won't judge you. But where do you go? Your search is over! We've compiled a list of companies so you don't have to! Enjoy not being canceled and know your money isn't going to "woke" companies.


Bass Pro Shops
- Outdoor Activity
- Focus on customers not wokeness
- Supports the troops

- Fast growing supermarket in southeast that focuses on great customer service not wokeness and is helping getting seniors the Covid vax

- Gas stations
- Focus on customers and service

- Free speech platform
- Champions free speech, not censorship

Hobby Lobby
- Craft store
- Has not bowed to the woke mob
- Keeps its values intact

Molson Coors
- Beverage company
- Targets shareholder value, quality products and customer experience

Round-House Jeans
- American Made Jeans, no wokeness

All American Clothing
- American made clothing
- Focuses on creating American made clothing; celebration of American way of life

- Makes pillows in USA
- Mike Lindell is target of the a Canceled Campaign

- Conservative News
- Growing network that has great hosts and stories

- Makes shipping supplies and other supplies for businesses
- CEO is proponent of American first manufacturing and standing up to China

American Consolidated Natural Resources
- Coal miner
- Operates safest coal mines in the world and provides customers with cheap utility costs

Patriot Mobile
- Telecom
- Portion of bill donated to conservative causes

- Internet
- Alternative to YouTube

- Sport
- Staunch supporter of 2nd Amendment

Omni Hotels
- Hospitality
- Has not given into the woke crowd

Do you have any other company's you know that are not "woke"?  We'd like to know about them!  Send us an email at: 

Non-Woke Companies

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