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Barron Lee

4/5/21, 7:33 PM

How to Get Ahead of the Canceled Culture Curve Without Losing Your Cash

In today’s era of cancel culture, history is getting erased quicker than the 2014 hit X-Men: Days of Future Past. When the woke crowd decides something is canceled, it can quickly be purged from distribution. Big tech has even gone as far as to stop allowing consumers from buying banned Dr. Seuss books on eBay. It is important to have physical copies that can’t be digitally burned.

What can you do to help catch a piece of history in this fast-paced environment?
First, don’t impulse buy. A sucker is a born every day and the copy of the Cat’s Quizzer isn’t worth the inquisitive price of $5,000 on Facebook marketplace.

Second, develop a plan of attack. After Dr. Seuss was canceled, it was clear that the canceling crowd wanted more blood. As such, the Canceled Lives Here staff looked up offensive, historical cartoons and saw that Peter Pan was at the top of the list. In anticipation of Peter Pan walking captain hook’s plank, we ordered a blu ray copy of Peter Pan at Best Buy and to my dismay, Disney threw Peter Pan back in the vault the very next day.

If you miss the cancel culture wagon, don’t fret, depending on how much nostalgia the icon elicits, you have options outside the big box stores and websites. Consider supporting local small businesses, such as secondary websites, local toy stores, and comic book stores. We were able to get a copy of the Mulberry Street by Dr. Seuss on and a Cara Dune Funko Pop! from a local comic book shop (who knew a local store would have a reasonable price!)

While this is not intended to be forward-seeking investment advice, here is our predicted list of what could next on the chopping block:

· The Chronicles of Narnia (Book and movie)

· Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (book and movie)

· A Christmas Story (Movie)

· Dick Tracy (Movie)

· Confederate Rail Road (Music group)

· Johnny Cash (Musician)

· Alfred Hitchcock (Movie director)

· The Last Samurai (Movie)

· Fantasia (Movie)

· Indiana Jones (Books and movie)

· The Love Guru ( Movie)

· Aladdin (Movie)

· Sherlock Holmes (Books and movie)

· Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister who saved the world from Nazis)

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