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Roever Swade

5/17/21, 5:10 PM

“Every day, Black birthing people and our babies die because our doctors don’t believe our pain,” Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) tweeted on Thursday. “My children almost became a statistic. I almost became a statistic. I testified about my experience @OversightDems today. Hear us. Believe us. Because for so long, nobody has.”

Uh, what?

The pro-abortion group NARAL jumped in on the action, tweeting, "When we talk about birthing people, we’re being inclusive. It’s that simple. We use gender-neutral language when talking about pregnancy, because it’s not just cis-gender women can get pregnant and give birth. Reproductive freedom is for *every* body.”

As Ben Shapiro would say, “what in the actual eff?”

No, NARAL, you are plain wrong. Only cis-gender females can give birth and that’s a biological fact. Let’s go through this a little. For one, a transgender “female” cannot produce eggs. This is not hate speech, it’s just the truth. Secondly, a transgender “female” does not a have uterus, something that is required for the development of the baby.

All of this should be plainly obvious to a supposed “medical” organization, but for some reason it’s not. But do they really believe it? Do they really believe a biological man who one day decided he was going to become a woman has the ability to reproduce?

Probably not. But the rise of the term “birthing people” is just another example of our post-truth culture where everything is subjective and relative. Why can a transgender “female” give birth? Because in the name of reproductive equity it must be so.

We see this in other areas as well. Black Lives Matter says that unarmed black men are being slain in the streets left and right by racist white cops. But the facts don’t back that up. In truth, if accounting for the number of crimes committed, an unarmed white man is more likely to be shot by the police than an unarmed black man. But this doesn’t fit BLM’s narrative, so the facts are cast out in favor of the an alternative truth—which isn’t truth at all.

What can we do to combat the rise of alternative facts? First, we can’t give into the Left’s premises. Caitlyn Jenner is not a “she.” He is a biological male who underwent surgery and took drugs to make himself appear as a woman. But all of the medical care in the world can’t change the fact that he is a male.

Secondly, we have to be outspoken in presenting the actual facts. When the Left begins to spread their false narrative, Conservatives need to be quick to combat the falsehoods with truth—the actual truth.

Oh, and happy early person who mows the lawn day!

Birthing People, Uh What?

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