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General Mills has announced that in reviewing its line of cereals, Lucky the Leprechaun creates unnecessary and negative stereotypes about Americans with Irish ancestry.


People now believe that those who have Irish ancestry have hidden pots of gold and cereal with magical sugar marshmallows. Furthermore, the Irish have suffered unnecessarily from those who tease them by “by saying gotta catch me lucky charms.” These stereotypes have reminded the Irish of employment signs that said “Irish need not apply” and have caused alcoholism to rise. “These negative depictions were wrong then and are wrong now, said General Mills spokesperson Ed O’Connor.


As a result, Lucky the Leprechaun is now canceled. Count Chocula is also going to be reviewed for negative depictions of chocolate loving vampires to make sure cereals create a more inclusive atmosphere.


Just kidding! The Irish aren’t wussies! Happy Early April Fools! Go enjoy a green beer!

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